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Welcome to the homepage of EMP International. The company with the complete range of products in Salt Lamps, Onyx products , Motorbike Apparels , Workwear , Sports wear and Casual wears.


The Company

EMP International brings the top products from Pakistan to our customers worldwide. The company was established in 2002 and in a short period of time made an impact in international market for it's products and services. Located in Sialkot Pakistan which is the internationally recognized city for the production of leather garments,sports and beauty products. EMP International  is driven to prevail in the areas of expertise and satisfaction for it's customers. The business will succeed because the people behind it know that customers come first.

"Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed"

Company Structure

Company has in-house production and inspection teams with real time checking during production. From Raw material till final product all the production steps are monitored carefully and company owner and directors are involved in product inspection as well. All the directors have professional knowledge on products and can be sure to handle deals with customers from manufacturing point thus making it easy for customer to describe their ideas on what product they need and how much possible it is to manufacture a product from idea to prototype and then final product.

The Team

 EMP International has the best experts with field education and experience in all lines for all it's products. Proper strategy and planning with every order is the key to success for our team which inspires us to take on hard task and complete them successfully.


Join Us

 Join us in business and provide quality service and products to your customers. EMP offers many reasons and incentives to it's allies and distributors which no other company can offer.


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